Thematic Program

  A hot research topic in mathematical sciences is chosen and CAMP provides seminars, discussion, intensive lectures and workshops to promote collaboration between invited speakers and domestic researchers.

Date Title Location
07/13 - 07/162015 Combinatorics WorkshopCAMP Seminar Room(L)
07/03 - 07/03 (q, t)-hook formula for d-complete posetsCAMP Seminar room(L)
07/01 - 07/01Tesler Matrices and Diagonal HarmonicsCAMP Seminar room(M)
06/29 - 07/03CAMP Special Lecture, Alternating PermutationsSeminar Room (3rd floor), NIMS
05/01 - 07/31 2015 NIMS Thematic Program on CombinatoricsNIMS, Daejeon, Korea
01/01 - 01/01Test10camp
Date Title Location
04/01 - 03/31Problems related to zeta functionsNIMS