Classification Theory Workshop

08/06/2014 - 08/09/2014
Classification theory is one of major themes in model theory supplying uniform points of views for understanding algebraic or analytic mathematical structures in the same class. As model theory is a branch of mathematical logic, logical points of views to the structures are newly provided in addition to their own mathematical natures. The most intensively studied class of structures is stable structures such as modules, differential fields; and such study is called `stability theory’. As is well-known stability theory has strong applicational impacts towards geometry and number theory. The workshop mainly focuses on the recent developments of classification theory. Classically important classes such as stable, simple, or o-mimimal structures will be the themes. Additional topics of the workshop includes (but not limited to): NIP, NTP1, NTP2, and rosy structures; new techniques such as dp-rank, VC-density, Keisler measure, and homology group computation; and their applications. Links - NIMS : - CAMP : - ICM 2014 : - Daejeon city homepage : - Incheon International Airport : - KORAIL :