Imaging, Multi-scale and high contrast PDEs

08/07/2014 - 08/09/2014
Scope and aim : The mathematical analysis of PDE modelling materials, or tissues, presenting multiple scales has been a very active area of research. The study of the corresponding imaging, or reconstruction, problem is a more recent one. If the material parameters of the PDE present high contrast ratio, then the solution to the PDE becomes particularly challenging to analyze, or compute. On the other hand, imaging in highly heterogeneous media poses significant challenges to the mathematical community. The focus of this conference is on recent progresses towards a complete understanding of the direct problem with high contrast or high frequencies, and unified approaches to the inverse and imaging problems for both small and large contrast or frequencies. Of particular importance in imaging are shape representation techniques and regularization approaches. Special attention will be devoted to new models and problems coming from physics leading to innovative imaging and signal processing methods. This is the fourth one of the series of workshops. The first one was held in Seoul (2005), the second in Paris (2008), and the third in Oxford (2011). This workshop will be a satellite conference of ICM 2014 in Seoul. Contact : Hyeonbae Kang (Inha U.) Imbo Sim (NIMS)

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