2010 Model Theory (Workshop)

05/19/2010 - 05/22/2010
Yonsei University
The conference is sponsored by Yonsei University, Lotte Scholarship Foundation, and NIMS, the National Institute of Mathematical Sciences (of South Korea). Yonsei University, where the conference will take place, is located in the heart of Seoul's Shinchon District, home to several prestigious universities, and a place full of youthful energy and culture. The conference period is May 19-22, 2010 and it will take place at ChangKiWon International Conference Hall (Yonsei-Samsung Library 6th Floor.) Participants will be addressed by many prominent leaders in the field. These lectures will showcase to the mathematical communities of East Asia not only the latest developments, but the general depth and versatility of model-theoretic techniques. Immediately before this conference, there is going to be a short spring school on model theory (May 16-18, 2010) held also at Yonsei University. Three leading experts (Thomas Scanlon, Akito Tsuboi, Frank O. Wagner) will deliver lectures on some of the techniques & methods used in algebraic model theory, including Hrushovski Amalgamation. In conjunction with this conference, there will be a series of special lectures in logic at Yonsei University in spring 2010. For the schedule of this lecture series, click Yonsei Special Logic Colloquium link on the side bar.