A3-NIMS Joint Workshop on Interdisciplinary Research Connecting Mathematics and Biology

05/12/2017 - 05/14/2017
Overview Since the revolution of molecular biology, mathematics has played the critical role in integrating and understanding complex biological data. Through the interdisciplinary research between mathematics and biology, many complex biological puzzles have been solved, and various mathematical theories have been developed. This workshop will be devoted to exploring the recent progress in the mathematical biology, to presenting the current challenges in the field and to promoting the international collaborations. Organizing committee Jae Kyoung Kim (KAIST) Lei Zhang (Peking University) Masakazu Akiyama (Hokkaido University) Sungrim Seirin-Lee (Hiroshima University) Scientific committee Hyeonbae Kang (Inha Univeristy) Eunok Jung (Kunkuk University) Yasumasa Nishiura (Tohoku University) Invited speakers Masakazu Akiyama (Hokkaido University) Young Cao (Virginia Tech) Hao Ge (Peking University) Ramon Grima (Edinburgh University) Marty Golubitsky (Ohio State University) Daehee Hwang (DIGIST) Shingo Iwami (Kyushu University) Mogens Jensen (Niels Bohr Institut) Junghyo Jo (APCTP) Eunok Jung (Kunkuk University) Jae Kyoung Kim (KAIST) Yongjung Kim (KAIST) Ryo Kobayashi (Hiroshima University) Yasuaki Kobayashi (Ochanomizu University) Changhyung Lee (UNIST) Jinzhi Lei (Tsinghua University) Chunhe Li (Fudan University) Wei Lin (Fudan University) Masatoshi Nishikawa (Hosei University) Andrew J. K. Phillips (Harvard Medical School) Santiago Schnell (University of Michigan) Sungrim Seirin-Lee (Hiroshima University) Jaeyoung Sung (Chung-Ang University) Chao Tang (Peking University) Lei Zhang (Peking University) Sponsors National Institute of Mathematical Sciences NRF A3 Foresight Program NSFC Key Project for A3 Foresight Program JSPS A3 Foresight Program

Contact Information ▪ Local Organizer Prof. Jae Kyoung Kim Email : jaekkim@kaist.ac.kr ▪ Conference Coordinator Ms. BitNa Park Email : qlcsk34@nims.re.kr Tel : +82-42-828-5825