NIMS 집중강연

07/04/2016 - 07/05/2016
NIMS 집중강연 연구교류센터에서는 아래와 같이 Numerical Algebraic Geometry 에 관한 집중강연을 개최합니다. ******************************************* 강연자 : Jose Israel Rodriguez (U. Chicago) 제목 및 일정 Title : Introducing Numerical Algebraic Geometry 7월 4일(월) 16 : 30 ~ 17 : 30 - Lecture I. Numerical irreducible decomposition with regeneration 7월 5일(화) 10 : 00 ~ 11 : 00 - Lecture II. Algebraic degrees in statistics: ML degree and GMM degree 7월 5일(화) 14 : 00 ~ 15 : 00 - Lecture III. The Segre trace test in applications 내용 Numerical algebraic geometry is a new field in applied algebraic geometry and math. Many models of the real world can be described by solutions to systems of polynomial equations. These solution sets are called varieties in algebraic geometry terminology, and we want to study using numerical computations performed on a machine. These talks focus on the theory of numerical algebraic and applications to algebraic statistics. In particular, the technique of regeneration will be presented and the maximum likelihood degree/generalized method of moments degree will be introduced. The last talk will feature applications of the Segre trace test. 장소 : CAMP 중형세미나실 (문의 : 우영호