The Sixth China-Japan-Korea Joint Conference on Numerical Mathematics

08/22/2016 - 08/26/2016
NIMS, Daejeon, Korea
The Joint Conference among these three countries, Korea, China, and Japan roots back to early 1990. China and Japan started at that time to have joint workshops regularly to communicate recent developments in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation. The meeting between Korea and China started in 2001 and continued until 2005. The organizers from the three countries decided to combine the joint meeting from 2006. The three country conference on Numerical Mathematics started in 2006 in Hokkaido. The second meeting was held in Weihai in 2008, the third one in Gangreung in 2010, the fourth one in Ohtz in 2012, and the fifth one at Ningxia University in Yinchuan in 2014. It has been a good trigger to exchange newly developed ideas on fast developing numerical techniques among the three countries. Recently developed algorithms will be analyzed mathematically and applied to scientific and engineering problems which will contribute to solve time-consuming nontrivial computational problems arising from sciences, engineering and industries. Organizing Committee: Zhong-Ci Shi, China side organizer Hisashi Okamoto, Japan side organizer Dongwoo Sheen, Korean side organizer (Organizing Chair) Invited Speakers: Zhong-Zhi Bai (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) Xiu-Fang Feng (Ningxia University, China) Dan-Fu Han (Hangzhou Normal University, China) Zheng-Da Huang (Zhejiang University, China) Dong-Hui Li (South China Normal University, China) Hong-Xing Rui (Shandong University, China) Rui-Ping Wen (Taiyuan Normal University, China) Mitsuhiro Nakao (Kyushu University) Ken Hayami (National Institute of Informatics, Japan) Yoshio Komori (Kyushu Institute of Technology) Daisuke Furihata (Osaka University) Hidenori Ogata (The University of Electro-Communications) Atsushi Suzuki (Osaka University) Norikazu Saito (The university of Tokyo Japan) Durkbin Cho (Dongguk University, Korea) Youngmok Jeon (Ajou University, Korea) Hyea Hyun Kim (Kyunghee University, Korea) Hyunmin Kim (Pusan National University, Korea) Do Young Kwak (KAIST, Korea) Chang-Ock Lee (KAIST, Korea) Hyung-Chun Lee (Ajou University, Korea) Chunjae Park (Konkuk University, Korea) Eun-Jae Park (Yonsei University, Korea) Imbo Sim (NIMS, Korea) Craig C. Douglas (University of Wyoming, USA) Contributed Talk: Contributed talks/speakers are welcome to submit to the registration banner. Deadline: All the invited and contributed talks are supposed to be submitted by Aug. 5, 2016. Registration Fee: There is no registration fee for all participants. Inquiries: All inquiries should be addressed to jeonghy(at)