NIMS & 연세대학교 WCU 공동 워크샵, CFD & Computational Mathematics

09/10/2010 - 09/11/2010
International workshop on CFD and Computational Mathematics September 10-11, 2010 Department of Computational Science & Engineering, Yonsei University Organizers: Changhoon Lee (Yonsei University) Eun-Jae Park (Yonsei University) Description: As a 2010 NIMS Hot Topics Workshop series, the Department of Computational Science & Engineering is organizing International workshop on CFD and Computational Mathematics during September 10-11, 2010. The workshop aims to provide a platform to disseminate recent developments in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Computational Mathematics, enable in-depth technical discussions on a wide variety of major computational efforts in science and engineering, and foster the interdisciplinary culture required to meet recent challenges in CSE. Further, it is planed to provide a good exposure for students and young researchers and encourage them to pursue their research career in these areas. Funded by NIMS (National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Korea)