First International Workshop on Future Internet Model and Services

12/16/2010 - 12/18/2010
The Internet today is serving an ever growing population of users and it is a critical communications infrastructure supporting social economic and welfare. The on-going development in the Internet is undergoing a paradigm shift at the advent of network virtualization, networked media systems, pervasive computing, cloud computing, the Internet of Things through interconnection of intelligent devices, next generation wireless communication systems and networks, etc. This workshop aims to bring together researchers from networking and wireless communication fields. Together we aim to understand and clarify the role of Future Internet framework, services and their impact on the tomorrow’s digital economy. It is also the aim in this workshop to explore and exchange the knowledge of latest researches on conceptual frameworks, mathematical models, simulation and test-bed of future networks and the evolution of the current Internet architecture to accommodate the demand of future connectivity, services and applications. The workshop will be attended by the researchers and invited speakers from Korea and overseas. Interested participants are welcome to participate in DEMO/Poster session in the recent research perspective and implications of Future Internet, not limited to the following issues: · Future Internet architectures/design/Model · Future networks for ad-hoc and sensor networks · Integration of next generation wireless communication systems and networks · Mechanisms for heterogeneous networks interconnectivity · Media and QoS aware transport services · Scalability, robustness and self-management of networks · Enabling technologies for the Internets of Things · Green and environmentally-conscious network design · End-to-end network virtualization, pervasive and cloud-computing · Flexible and smart grid networking · New services for Future Internet · New approaches to network security, user privacy and trust