Quantum Gravity and Emergent Spacetime

02/06/2012 - 02/10/2012
QG2012 NIMS Winter School for Quantum Gravity and Emergent Spacetime Date : 2012. 02. 06 (Mon.) ~ 2012. 02. 10 (Fri.) Place : NIMS (National Institute for Mathematical Sciences) Organizers Jungjai Lee (Chair, Daejin University) Hyun Seok Yang (CQUeST, Sogang University) John J. Oh (National Institute for Mathematical Sciences) Introduction The subject of the winter school will be focused on quantum gravity and emergent spacetime and related problems in cosmology such as dark energy and inflation. The purpose of the school is to draw worldwide experts together into pedagogical lectures and intensive discussions about the subject. We believe that the concept of emergent gravity and emergent spacetime will be crucial to formulate a consistent (background independent) theory of quantum gravity and to understand the origin and evolution of our Universe. Throughout this winter school, we want to find the base of novel theories and radical new ideas in the circle of contemporary theoretical physics and introduce them to young physicists and other scientists on the related line of research. The interaction with participants would stimulate to go beyond the horizon of intellectual bias List of speakers 1. Richard J. Szabo (Heriot-Watt University United Kingdom) 2. Christian Saemann (Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom) 3. Grigori Volovik (Aalto University, Finland) 4. Hyun Seok Yang (CQUeST, Sogang University) 5. Yong Seon Song (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute) TOPICS 1. R. Szabo Instantons and Quantum geometry 2. C. Saemann Nambu-Poisson algebra and its quantization 3. G. Volovik Emergent gravity based on Fermi-point scenario 4. H. S. Yang Emergent spacetime and quantum gravity 5. Y. S. Song Cosmological Test of Gravitational Physics Notice We can support accommodation including meals for early registrations (up to about 30 participants) with no registration fee.