NIMS Pure and Applied Number Theory Conference

08/12/2013 - 08/15/2013
This conference is intended to cover a vast range of topics in Number Theory (Pure and Applied). It gives all participants an opportunity to interact and explore the recent trends and developments in the subject of classical and modern Number Theory focussing much attention in the analytic and algebraic aspects. Main Hompage : Organizer: Ja Kyung Koo (KAIST) Organizing Committee Yong Ju Choie(Postech) Kyung-Ah Shim(NIMS) Jin-Woo Son(Kyungnam Univ.) June Sang Choi (Dongkook Univ.) Min-Soo Kim(Kyungnam Univ.) Secretary Daeyeoul Kim(NIMS) Keynote Speaker Ram Murty(Queen's Uvin., Canada) Invited Speakers Abdelmejid Bayad(Univ. d’Evry, France) Dohoon Choi(Korea Aerospace Uinv.) Junsang Choi(Dongkuk Univ.) Su Hu(McGill University, Canada) Daeyeoul Jeon(Kongju Univ.) Seokho Jin(Postech) Byoung Du Kim(Victoia Univ. of Wellington, New Zealand) Chang Heon Kim(Hanyang Univ.) Min-Soo Kim(Kyungnam Univ.) Henry Kim(Univ. of Toronto) Ja Kyung Koo(KAIST) Veli Kurt(Akdeniz Univ., Turkey) Chong Gyu Lee (Soongsil Univ.) Jung-Jo Lee(Seoul Nat. Univ.) Donghoon Park (Seoul Nat. Univ.) Jeehoon Park(Postech) Akos Pinter(Debrechen, Hungary) AYYADURAI SANKARANARAYANAN (TIFR, India) Andreas Schweizer(KAIST) Dong Hwa Shin(Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies) Sug Woo Shin (MIT/KIAS) Hae-Sang Sun (Chungbuk Nat. Univ.) Zhi-Hong Sun(Hyuaiyin Normal Univ., China) Nazli Ikikardes Yildiz(Balıkesir Univ., Turkey) Hwajong Yoo(UC Berkeley) Dong Sung Yoon(KAIST)