The 17th International Workshop on Differential Geometry & Related Fields

09/30/2013 - 10/02/2013
The 17th International Workshop on Differential Geometry will be held during September 30th - October 2nd, 2013 at National Institute for Mathematical Sciences (NIMS). About 20years ago, dated December 20~21. 1996, the 1st International Workshop on Differential Geometry was held at Kyungpook National University. The aim of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for Korean geometers and our graduate students to present their research works and to discuss new development with their colleagues and with a few invited foreign geometers. The workshop will be generously supported by NIMS (National Institute for Mathematical Sciences) and NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea). ♣ Invited Speaker - Prof. Jürgen Berndt (King's College of London, UK) - Prof. Juan de Dios Pérez (University of Granada, Spain) - Prof. Makiko Sumi Tanaka (Tokyo University of Science, Japan) - Prof. Hiroshi Tamaru (Hiroshima University, Japan) - Prof. Yoshihiro Ohnita (Osaka City University, Japan) - Prof. Reiko Miyaoka (Tohoku University, Japan) - Prof. Andreas Kollross (University Stuttgart, Germany) - Prof. Yong Seung Cho (Ewha Womans University, Korea) - Prof. Jongsu Kim (Sogang University, Korea) - Prof. Seoung Dal Jung (Jeju Nat’l University, Korea) - Prof. Jong Taek Cho (Chonnam Nat’l University, Korea) - Dr. Takahiro Hashinaga (Hiroshima University, Japan) - Dr. Miguel Dominguez-Vazquez (University Santiago de Compostela, Spain) - Dr. Hyunsuk Kang (KIAS, Korea) - Dr. Kotaro Kawai (Tohoku University, Japan) - Dr. Gyu Jong Kim (Kyungpook Nat’l University, Korea) - Dr. Imsoon Jeong (Kyungpook Nat'l University, Korea) - Dr. Eunmi Pak (Kyungpook Nat'l University, Korea) - Dr. Changhwa Woo (Kyungpook Nat’l University, Korea) ♣ Organizing committee - Prof. Young Jin Suh (Kyungpook Nat'l Univ.) - Prof. Jürgen Berndt (Kings College London) - Prof. Yoshihiro Ohnita (OCAMI & Osaka City Univ.) - Dr. Hyunjin Lee (Kyungpook Nat'l Univ.)