NIMS Colloquium has the form of colloquiums at universities and NIMS Colloquium hopes to provide opportunities to discuss topics not only from fundamental mathematics, applied mathematics and industrial mathematics but also from interdisciplinary topics including rational discourses on Korean society

Date Title Location
11/12 - 11/12An Introduction to Industrial MathematicsCAMP
09/22 - 09/22Introduction for the application of mathematics to understand complex biological systemsCAMP seminar room(L)
07/23 - 07/23Rational Design of Antibiotic Treatment PlansCAMP Seminar Room(L)
06/18 - 06/18Combinatorics around two extensions of Hermite polynomialsCAMP Seminar Room(M)
05/22 - 05/22Spectral theory of Neumann-Poincare operator and applicationsCAMP Seminar Room(L)
04/23 - 04/23Webs of algebraic curvesCAMP
03/12 - 03/12수학자가 된 의대생CAMP
01/01 - 01/01Test11CAMP
Date Title Location
12/18 - 12/18수학과 물리학의 작용 반작용CAMP
11/27 - 11/27성공을 위한 도전의 연속, 지상에서 우주로CAMP
10/21 - 10/21선택의 신경과학, 의사결정의 동력학CAMP
09/25 - 09/25First Mover 창출을 위한 기술 혁신과 조직 문화CAMP
06/19 - 06/19통섭의 시대에 필요한 미래형 인재CAMP
05/30 - 05/30주가 및 음악 데이터 분석을 위한 패턴 매칭CAMP
04/16 - 04/16데이터 사이언티스트들이 갖추어야 할 역량CAMP