By cooperative research with government-sponsored Institutions, Universities and Industries, CAMP discovers and mathematically defines the problems in science, technology and industry. Talented scientists in CAMP transform the industrial issues into the mathematical models.

To discover and solve the industrial problems through approaches cooperated with Science and Engineering
To discover and solve the interdisciplinary problems through the working group of Industry-University-Institute
Through various scientific programs including Annual Thematic Program, Hot Topics Workshops and Winter/Summer School, CAMP strengthens the international academic exchanges by arranging the opportunities for domestic and international scientists to communicate ideas and exchange information. In 2013, CAMP is coordinating 23 scientific programs in total.

To construct the network of researchers and globalize the research result through international workshops and programs
  • Conduct Open Innovation Projects
  • Establish Research Hub of Mathematics Science
  • Mobilize Communication Channel of Industry-University-Institute
  • Strengthen Social Network of Researchers
To be a leading institute in Mathematics, CAMP tries to establish firm cooperation with top institutes of the world and benchmark their advanced systems and facilities.

To establish a firm cooperative relationship with top institutes
  • Improve international relationship with other institutes
  • Strengthen the global research network
  • Invite and Support the promising scientists all around the world
  • Host international forum/symposium
For continuous growth of NIMS and CAMP, CAMP conducts studies on Mathematical policy. CAMP plans the growth strategy of NIMS and CAMP , predicts future of applied mathematics in cooperation with Government and Universities.

To study of policies on mathematical science and plan the strategies
  • Establish the vision and strategy of CAMP
  • Plan the growth strategy of mathematical science
  • Predict future of mathematics applied to technologies
  • Launch a consultative body for policy and system of Industry-University-Institute cooperation